New Slots Sites for 2016

Every once in a while, new slot games appear online and draw the attention of a large amount of slot players from the UK. If you like playing online slots, then there are many reasons as to why you should pay attention to the new arrivals and try them out yourself.

Here are some of the advantages of playing new games:

Keeps Online Gambling Fun and Entertaining

While everybody will have their favorite slot games that they play on a regular basis, seeing the same themes, features and symbols over and over again can get quite boring after a while. With the new online slots, you can discover some great games that you wouldn’t have otherwise played. For some players, the excitement of trying a game for the first time is what makes online gambling fun and entertaining.

Every Category of Slot Games Will Have New Releases

Even though many of the new online slots that casinos add to their selection are video slots with bonus features, there are often new arrivals in other slot game categories as well. You can find new classic three-reel, multispin and progressive jackpot slots too. The developers are working hard to innovate and make their games interesting. This can lead you to find something new in places where you would least expect it. For example, there are three-reel slots that have been around in land-based casinos for decades and have been made into digital versions right when online casinos started. Online slot game developers sometimes relaunch these classics with new twists that make them more exciting, such as by adding a bonus game or free spins feature that gets triggered when the right combination of symbols appears on the payline.

You Can Try For Free

Some players may be reluctant to try new games as they fear that doing so will result in them wasting their bankroll on a game they may not like. Others think that they would lose a lot of money by making mistakes if they don’t understand right away how the features on a new game work.

While these are legitimate concerns, there are ways to try a new slot game without spending any real money. Nearly all casinos have a “free play” mode that gives players access to their games without requiring a real money deposit. There are also many new slot sites that provide Flash-based free versions of their slots which can be played right in your browser. In both cases, you will be playing with virtual money, so you won’t be able to win any real prizes. However, you can now try the game, learn how all of its features work and see whether it’s a slot that you would want to keep playing for real money or not.

New Games Often Come With Bonus Offers

When a slot game gets released for the first time, online casinos like to encourage players to try it out by offering many kinds of promotions. In many cases, both new and existing players can benefit from them. These promotional offers can come in the form of a deposit bonus, free spins offer or no deposit bonus. Such generous promotions allow give slots players from the UK the chance to try the new game and potentially win big, all while getting a boost to their casino bankroll.

While there are many positive sides to finding new slots online, there are also a few potential disadvantages worth mentioning. Here are some that players should consider:

They Aren’t Always Released on All Platforms Right Away

Players who use the browser-based version of a casino or those who play slots on a mobile device may be a bit disappointed to find that a new game they would have found interesting is only available on the downloadable version of the casino for Windows PCs. However, it is worth noting that many games that generated a lot of attention when launched and quickly became popular all over the UK were ported to the browser-based and mobile casino software versions after a while.

Playing a New Game For Real Money May Require Players to Sign Up At a New Casino

Some new games will only be available at a limited amount of online casinos at first. This could mean that players that want to make real money wagers on them would need to sign up and deposit money at a casino they’ve never played at before. While there are people who could be a bit uncomfortable with this idea, simply doing a bit of research lets anyone find out if a casino offering an interesting slot game is reputable and treats its players in a fair and ethical manner.