New Online Casino Sites for 2016

The online gambling industry is one that is highly competitive and innovative. For this reason, new online casinos are launched on a regular basis. If you gamble online, one piece of advice that you may have heard is that it’s better to stick to the established casinos rather than to play at a new casino. Obviously, it is less risky to play at a casino that has been around for many years and has a solid track record of fairness, good customer service and prompt payouts. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have an enjoyable experience playing at one of the new online casinos.

New Casinos

slots angel

Slots Angel Casino Review – 100% bonus up to 25 +...

It would be fair to refer to this site as generic. It looks and feel more like a bingo site, which is understandable considering the site's connections. While it's a difficult site to recommend given the availability of other really innovative websites, it's also hard to knock this site due to the fact it contains all the requisite components needed to have a viable online casino.
Shanghai Spins

Shanghai Spins Review – £25 Bonus + 50 Free Spins

Unless you feel like metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot, we don't recommend this site. There are better and more reputable online casinos. The only redeeming quality is that they use Betsoft and NetEnt slot games, and even that is offset by the fact that there have been complaints filed about them not being fair. Proceed at your own risk.
Spin Genie review

Spin Genie Casino Review – 50 Free Spins 100% Bonus

For being in business for just a year, this casino has excellent promotions and VIP programs. You may be limited in currency and number of games in the casino, but they are constantly upgrading. Spin Genie is definitely worth trying.

Advantages of Playing at a Newly Opened Online Casino

Anybody that starts an online gambling site will know that they will be facing a lot of competition for customers. For this reason, newcomers to the industry will often launch very interesting and generous promotional offers in an effort to attract new players.

These offers can include:

  • No deposit bonuses
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Free play offers on selected games
  • Contests and drawings
  • Cash back/no risk bet offers
  • Mystery bonuses awarded to random players
  • And many others

The promotions that you will see at a new place will often be a lot more advantageous to players than what already established casinos provide. Besides promotions, there could be other things about a new online casino that would make it attractive to you. For example, they could have unique games that aren’t available anywhere else. Or they could accept payment methods that are convenient to you, such as electronic currencies like Bitcoin. For these reasons, you shouldn’t dismiss a casino just because it is new, as it could be a better choice for you than many of the older ones.

Minimizing the Risks

There is no denying that when you sign up at a new casino online, you’re taking a risk that you will have a disappointing experience or run into problems. However, there are a couple of things that you can do to minimize these risks, such as:

Researching Information About the Casino and Who Runs It

Just because a casino is new, it doesn’t mean that it is being operated by complete newcomers to the industry. Many online casino operators have several brands and launch new ones on a regular basis. If a particular casino is owned and operated by a company that has a solid track record in the online gambling industry, then there is a high chance you won’t run into any issues while playing there.

Even if it is owned by a new company, you should know that honest online entrepreneurs in the gambling industry want to bring innovation and build a brand that is loved by its customers, so they’re likely to make every effort possible to provide good service to players.

While a casino could be new, you probably aren’t the first one playing there. You can do a little bit of research on online gambling forums and information portals to see what others have said about them. This will provide you with some vital clues as to whether the new casino is one that you can fully trust with your money. You will be able to see where they are licensed, what software are they using, which banking options are available and how you can reach their customer service. Reviews and comments from other players will also be very valuable. Other gamblers who have played there will be sharing their experiences about the games and the withdrawal process.

If you notice that the majority of reviews on different websites are positive, then there is a high chance that you will have a good experience at this casino and can play there with confidence. On the other hand, if you notice some red flags, such as many people mentioning that they have had to wait an unacceptable amount of time before they got their money, examples of rude customer service or unfair treatment of players, or numerous problems with the casino software, then you are probably much better off avoiding this casino and finding another one to play at.

Depositing Small Amounts At First

Finally, to minimize the risks, you can simply deposit a limited amount of money the first time you play at a new online casino. If there is a no deposit bonus offer, you should take advantage of it, as it will allow you to play at the casino, try out the games that interest you and hopefully win some money that you can withdraw, all without taking any risks with your own funds. Once you feel confident that the casino is one that is solid and reputable, you can start depositing the amounts that you usually play with.