New Bingo Sites for 2016

Do you love playing online bingo, but you find yourself getting a little bored with what your tried and true site has to offer? Maybe you’re a newbie to the world of online bingo and you’re excited to see what new online bingo sites have in store for you. Whether you’re a veteran bingo player or just jumping in the game, there are brand new bingo sites for you to check out and have fun playing while trying to win big money.

Top Rated Sites

Sweet Shop Bingo Review – Get £5 Free

This is a fun site to use if you just want to get started without having to make a deposit first. However, you should be careful when it comes to your deposit methods and whether you use bonus cash because your payout is affected by certain conditions. Overall, though, the game is safe and easy if you have the right equipment and a bit of luck.

Latest Sites

Tip Top Bingo Review

Overall, the casino stands apart in the world of online bingo. Their system has been designed to be efficient and fun to use. Their few downfalls are easily overshadowed by the rest of the system.

Circus Bingo Review

It's difficult to recommend a site that has a website that looks like it was thrown together in a matter of minutes. Otherwise, Circus Bingo has most of the features a player would want if one discounts the fact the number of casino games is too restrictive.

More Bonuses

Online casinos are constantly analyzing what will get you on their site and playing their games. And not only that, but they want you to stay for a long time playing bingo to your heart’s content. So, the newest craze for all new bingo sites is to offer a bonus gift just for signing up. This can take many forms: no deposit bonuses, bonus money, vouchers, chocolates, cakes, etc… Yes, they must know anyone will take some free money, that the quickest way into a man’s heart is through his mouth, and that women will take some free chocolate any day. They may as well be geniuses!

Spin the Wheel

If you find yourself getting bored with your bingo site, then how about some free spins to mix things up? Getting the chance to spin a wheel to win a reward is another patron-getter for the best new bingo sites. What some sites do is reward long-term players with more and more chances to spin the wheel for their reward. This means that you not only get the sign up bonus, but that you are entitled to an award just for playing on their site. The wheel is a fabulous way to attract and keep their customer base, with keeping us satisfied with an award every so often. Plus, you could actually win big with just one spin, so that’s enough to keep me playing. One site offers 500 free spins, so the potential winnings could be huge.

Going Mobile

Another exciting aspect of online bingo is that many of them are going mobile. If you have wanted to play bingo on-the-go but your site doesn’t offer it, they may offer it now. That’s right, you can now play bingo while checking out at the grocery store! When you play on your phone or tablet via a mobile app, there is no downloading to do and you still have all the features that you would have on your computer at home. Your deposit options still remain the same, but instead becoming bored on that long car trip, you can now play bingo, as long as you’re not driving, of course.

More Games

In addition, you can look forward to a more current games lobby. We all have our favourite games that we play, but don’t you sometimes want to switch it up a little bit? New bingo sites uk know that their customers will leave them if they feel like their games are too repetitive. So, they have to keep on their toes and offer new titles that motivate you to play. They have to stay in-the-know of what their customers prefer and be plugged in to the current trends in order to captivate you.

Social Media

Have you seen online casinos on Facebook and Twitter? Well, if you haven’t yet, you will see them soon. Online bingo sites are making their presence known through social media because they want to stay connected with you at all times. They know that a majority of people utilize social media, so they are on it too to offer you exclusive offers and codes, tell you about future jackpots, host competitions and trivia games, and let you know about new games they are presenting. It’s a definite win-win situation.

Better Platforms and Customer Service

How about making their platforms more user friendly and contributing stellar customer service? Online bingo sites have heard your complaints and are responding accordingly. Users want aspects of the site, such as terms and conditions and instructions to be more visible and easily accessed. There are also more frequently asked questions pages so that you don’t feel stranded or feel the need to call them but it’s after hours. That leads to the next point, that many sites are now offering 24-hour customer service hotlines. It is well worth it to them to lend you the support you need, when you need it so that you don’t jump ship.

These new bingo sites with fluffy favourites are making every effort to gain additional customers and keep them. With their bonuses, prizes, spins of the wheel, and other promotions, you’re sure to find something to gain while having fun playing bingo. They appeal towards the younger crowd with their social media presence and toward any crowd with free money, so now you have no reason no to go reap your rewards and feel the thrill of online bingo! Some bingo providers include:

  • Amazing Bingo
  • Bbq Bingo
  • Lucky Touch Bingo
  • Celeb Bingo
  • Lucky Cow Bingo
  • Tip Top Bingo
  • Katie’s Bingo
  • Ted’s Bingo

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