Best Online Slots for UK Players

If you’re looking for a great way to spend an evening or afternoon, perhaps you’d like to play slots online. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the excitement of the winning bells and being entertained by the games. Online slots offer you many advantages.

Playing slots online offers:

• Better payback percentage odds –By playing slot machines online, you will actually get 5 percent more with a big win. This is because online casino slots have lower costs than brick and mortar casinos and can show a profit on a smaller percentage of betting in an online casino.
• More Games — Most online slot casinos offer a variety of hundreds of the best online slot games. You can choose to play only a penny or a slot game with a high limit.
• Easier banking — When you run out of funds, you can easily deposit more funds with no charge to you.
• Privacy – When you play slot machines from your own home and have a big win, strangers who could pose a security risk have no way of knowing.
• Free Practice Games – Before playing online slots real money, you can play for free at some online casinos. Once you feel confident in your ability to play, you can gamble by playing online slots real money.

The Basics of Playing Online Slots

The Classic Slot Machine is familiar to most people. It has only three reels. In order to win on a classic slot, you need to get three of the same symbols lined up in the middle.

The best slots online also known as Video Slots seem to offer more. Instead of three reels, most of them have five reels. The second difference is that to win you don’t have to have matching symbols appear only in the middle row. To win, you can have matches in the bottom or top row, and the matching symbols can be in a zigzag or a diagonal. The winning streak locations can be different in each slot. With so many different possibilities of winning, how would a person know if they had won? Don’t worry; the game’s software is programmed to let you know when you have won.

Pay Lines

The possible winning lines are called the pay lines. Each slot game can have as many as nine to 30 pay lines. This means that each time you spin, you have as many possibilities to win as there are pay lines of that game. If the game has 30 pay lines, there are 30 possibilities to win.

To win:

• The pay lines can run diagonal, straight or zigzag.
• You can win with only one pay line.
• The matching symbols can be anywhere along the pay line and don’t have to be next to each other.

The number of coins you bet on every spin is equal to the number of pay lines you bet on. The more pay lines and/or coins; the higher the amount of money you gamble.

Wild Symbols

A Wild Symbol can make you a winner. That is because the wild symbol magically becomes the symbol you need to win. For instance, if a star is a wild symbol and your pay line is apple-star-apple, the star counts as an apple. The three apples then give you a payout. If you had three apples and a star, the star would then make you a big winner by becoming the fourth apple.

Scatter Symbols

If three scatter symbols appear scattered anywhere on the reels in any order, you can get a prize. The prize can be a coin, free spin or a bonus round. As long as the scatter symbols are visible on the screen, you win a prize because they count.

Steps to Play the Game

1. Decide on your bet amount. There is a minimum and a maximum bet for every slot. The more you bet; the higher amount you win.

The term “coins” refers to the currency of each country. Two coins is two pounds in England, two euros in Germany and two US dollars in Australia.

2. Decide the number of pay lines. You multiply the amount of your bet by the number of pay lines. For instance, if you play with three coins on a spin and choose five pay lines, you are betting 15 coins on that spin.

3. Decide whether you will click on the play button yourself or you can select auto play.

The Best Online Slots UK

• Are legal and licensed sites for UK fans
• Offer the best progressive jackpots and 3D slots
• Offer large welcome bonuses for new players.

Slots to Avoid

• You should avoid fancy games with well-known signs such as Sex in the City. The online casino has to pay for the rights to use those names, and you, therefore, can expect that you and other players will be sharing that expense.
• You should avoid slots with progressive payouts since the payouts must come from the players as well.
• You should avoid slot machines with lower payout percentages. Always be sure to know the payout percentage so you can choose wisely.
• You should avoid short period slots. Short period slots actually decrease your chances of a winning outcome.
• You should avoid the less popular slot machines. It is the popular slot machines that have good outcomes.